What is Living Free?

It’s a better, cleaner, healthier, more delicious, and more aware life!

I created this site to share everything I’ve learned on my journey to living free. You might be wondering, “free of what?” Simply put: free of illness; free of depression; and free of pain caused by food related and environmental issues. If living free seems impossible, know that getting there has been a journey for me and it has not always been easy.

living free jennifer's wayEver since I was a child, I’ve dealt with health issues; stomach problems, panic attacks, extreme fatigue, joint pain, depression, constant sinus infections, and a slew of other ailments that were all left undiagnosed. A plethora of conditions, everything from MS to stress were suggested along with whatever medication the doctor chose. When I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009, an autoimmune disease that affects the gut, my world was turned upside down.

I quickly learned that gluten, the simple protein found in wheat, barley, rye and many other grains, was now the enemy. While gluten is the “glue” that binds breads, pastas, cereals, cakes, cookies and a litany of other food items, the list doesn’t stop there. Gluten was also used in everything from makeup products, body products, beverages, toothpaste and even vitamins and medications! Everything I had come to know and love had to change at once. Simple living became full of fear as I tried to navigate through this new world to regain my health and take back my life.

I knew I needed to find out as much as I could, so I read everything I could find about health and how food was related. Luckily, I found a doctor, Dr. Patrick Fratellone, who not only believed in traditional medicine but also homeopathic and using food as medicine. He taught me the single most valuable lesson that I have based this whole next journey on: the gut is where the root of all disease begins. I incorporated all his teachings and what I had learned on my own and eventually healed my gut and started to regain control over my life.

jen on the swingTo do so took many years and a complete change in diet and lifestyle. All gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars were out. I learned how to rotate my food, eat with the seasons, and look for organic unprocessed food clear of GMOs. I incorporated non-toxic household items, cleaned up what I was using on my body and even began meditation. I started to research further and found out the removal of such items and change in lifestyle did not only help a Celiac but ANYONE with an autoimmune disease, even autism and ADHD. It made me start to think about EVERYONE! The deduction was simple really; gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugars and environmental toxins cause inflammation in the body and inflammation causes disease. Inflammation and an unhealthy gut lead to one thing: illness.

In my first book, Jennifer’s Way, and my original blog of the same name, I go through everything relating to this severely undiagnosed disease named Celiac. But what about everyone else? Shouldn’t EVERYONE be allowed a LIFE FREE from pain, illness, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety?

My answer to all that? Living Free Jennifer’s Way. Here I will go one giant step past the previous blog and book and share with you all the ways I found to LIVE FREE. From brands I use, to homemade cleaning supplies, to recipes free from most allergens, to travel, to exercise, to LIFE. It is my mission to make an easy to navigate road map for your new journey towards better health, a better life, and LIVING FREE.

Be Well,

Jennifer Esposito