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Yes...we are so excited to bring some of our storefront goodness into your home!!!!!! Small batch mixes, all made with love and care in our gluten-free, allergy-friendly, peanut-free, celiac-run storefront bakery. We are a small 400 sqft. bakery that was started with the intention of giving people a sense of SAFE HOMEMADE GOODNESS back into their lives. What better way then to bring it right to your kitchen! I always have said to take control of celiac disease, food allergies and one’s own health, you MUST get in the kitchen.

My goal? To show you that neither celiac, or food allergies, or just fear of what is lurking in the food out there can stop you from ENJOYING FOOD AGAIN. Take control, get in the kitchen and start creating!! My mixes make it easy. The smell of bread baking and cookies getting ready to fill your house with the sweet smell of goodness will make everyone come to the table again with a huge smile.

  • Jennifer's way kitchen

    Jennifer’s Way Kitchen Cookbook – Signed Copy

    This book is a cookbook, but it is different than most cookbooks. Not only does every recipe have major anti-inflammatory components, but all recipes are also COMPLETELY FREE of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn and refined sugars. The recipes are organized around 3 key modules: 1) PURE Recipes for Healing; 2) CLEAN Recipes for Living; and 3) INDULGENT Recipes for Splurging (in moderation).

    Best of all, I created every one of these recipes with joy. I strive to recapture the deliciousness of those free-eating days in every section of this book, without ever compromising your gut health or food sensitivities. This is your guide and your safe haven. If you want to enjoy food but still eat clean, quench the fire of anti-inflammation, be strong, nurture your gut, boost your immunity, and take control of your health, come join me at the table.

    Each book will be signed with a personal note from me to you.

    Hardcover book. Free shipping. U.S. only.