Turmeric To The Rescue!

Have a headache or wrist pain? Don't reach for Advil or Aspirin. Look to turmeric for a cure! Turmeric is a great replacement for pharmaceutical pills that aid in anti-inflammatory, general pain, arthritis, cholesterol and so much more! Turmeric has been linked to preventing illnesses such as heart diseases, brain diseases, cancer, Alzheimers and depression. Talk about a super food! Turmeric is a root that goes way beyond adding flavor and a yellow/ orange pigment to your food. It's a [...]

No More Heavy Metals Weighing Me Down!!!

I always speak about how important it is to listen to our bodies, especially when you have a gut feeling that a part of its assembly line might not be functioning to its best ability....and in this case I really do mean a gut feeling. Heavy metals can be hard to avoid consuming. They are often found in polluted air, unfiltered water and pesticide-laden food. The following SYMPTOMS may point to HEAVY METAL in your system. Fatigue Depression Anxiety [...]

Himalayan Salt Lamp DIY!

Himalayan salt can do wonders for our bodies and purify the air we breathe. All you need is a cup of pink Himalayan salt and lukewarm water. Add some water to the cup of salt and carry on with your day! When Himalayan salt is heated and the water vapors it produces negative ions that neutralize any positive charge that may be carried in allergens, dirt and dust. No need to spend a ton of money on a Himalayan salt [...]

Coconut Oil – oh Let me count the many ways you are good for me!!

Who would have thought that those magical big, hard-shelled, weird looking things from the trees when I took family vacations at Christmas time would end up such a huge part of my life. I do recall it being a tasty treat brought to me after it was smashed open on a rock, what a decadent treat. Now it is a staple in my home and not only a treat to eat but has so many other wonderful uses as [...]

defining holistic

Defining Holistic

If you’ve ever stepped into a health food store you’ve been bombarded with the word, “holistic,” but do you know what it really means? Simply put: holistic health means that wellness comes from the sum of all interconnected parts. These parts are not just our organs—but also our minds, our environments, our food, our experience, life. I like the phrase holistic because it acknowledges the fact that every part of our life affects our wellness. That sandwich you just ate, [...]