Home made Coconut Yogurt

Home made Coconut Yogurt A quick, easy breakfast when dealing with celiac disease, an egg allergy, AND without dairy isn't always easy. The days of grabbing a yogurt gone forever. Right? Wrong! Make your own!! Let's make a coconut yogurt that is far better for you than the dairy version. It has a few steps, but when finished you have breakfast or snacks for days. I like to pair mine with some fresh antioxidant berries, some antiinflammatory cinnamon, and beautiful [...]

Oh the flavors of the season are here and ready to make your home smell like a cozy warm hug

Every time people enter my bakery and get overwhelmed by the amazing smells that lead them in...vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, mint... They say, "Do you have a candle that smells like that?" "Not yet" I would answer. But now is a perfect time to make your home smell just as dreamy. Nothing is better than walking into someone's home that smells of fresh-baked yummy holiday cookies, cakes and pies. But what if you don't cook, or don't have all my [...]

Coconut Oil – oh Let me count the many ways you are good for me!!

Who would have thought that those magical big, hard-shelled, weird looking things from the trees when I took family vacations at Christmas time would end up such a huge part of my life. I do recall it being a tasty treat brought to me after it was smashed open on a rock, what a decadent treat. Now it is a staple in my home and not only a treat to eat but has so many other wonderful uses as [...]