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Coconut Oil – oh Let me count the many ways you are good for me!!

Who would have thought that those magical big, hard-shelled, weird looking things from the trees when I took family vacations at Christmas time would end up such a huge part of my life. I do recall it being a tasty treat brought to me after it was smashed open on a rock, what a decadent treat. Now it is a staple in my home and not only a treat to eat but has so many other wonderful uses as [...]

beauty from within

Beauty from Within

When it comes to beauty I know one thing is true: no amount of makeup, hair dye, or skincare will make a difference if your body is full of turmoil. If you’ve ever seen a woman that meditates, one of the first things you probably noticed is her glow. That radiance comes from inner peace, not cosmetics. I say this from experience—I’ve never looked better in my life than when I meditated every day for a year. With this in [...]