seeking light

Seeking Light

Whether it’s the state of our world, personal anxieties, health issues, or relationship struggles, there is a lot of weight in the world to bring us down. As a challenge to myself, lately I have been seeking out stories and wisdom to lighten my mind and inspire my everyday life. I’ve been finding the light everywhere. A nurse that lovingly held my hand and comforted me at the doctor’s office. A woman that thanked me for giving her “hope in [...]

beauty from within

Beauty from Within

When it comes to beauty I know one thing is true: no amount of makeup, hair dye, or skincare will make a difference if your body is full of turmoil. If you’ve ever seen a woman that meditates, one of the first things you probably noticed is her glow. That radiance comes from inner peace, not cosmetics. I say this from experience—I’ve never looked better in my life than when I meditated every day for a year. With this in [...]

defining holistic

Defining Holistic

If you’ve ever stepped into a health food store you’ve been bombarded with the word, “holistic,” but do you know what it really means? Simply put: holistic health means that wellness comes from the sum of all interconnected parts. These parts are not just our organs—but also our minds, our environments, our food, our experience, life. I like the phrase holistic because it acknowledges the fact that every part of our life affects our wellness. That sandwich you just ate, [...]

tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil, the Natural Mold Killer

On the path to living free of toxins and harmful chemicals there is one space that you need to consider every inch of: your home. Everything from our cleaning products to our pillows to our detergent can be ripe with harmful, illness-causing chemicals that are not good for anyone, especially those with allergies and asthma. Because of this I am always searching for natural, effective alternatives. One of my favorite finds, that I use for both health and cleaning benefits, is [...]