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A home to anyone seeking a better, cleaner, healthier, more delicious, and aware life.

I created this site to share everything I’ve learned on my journey to living free. You might be wondering…“free of what?” Simply put: free of illness; free of depression; and free of pain caused by food related and environmental issues. If living free seems impossible, know that getting there has been a journey for me and it has not always been easy.

In my first book, Jennifer’s Way, and my original blog of the same name, I went through everything relating to this severely undiagnosed disease named Celiac. But what about everyone else? Shouldn’t EVERYONE be allowed a LIFE FREE from pain, illness, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety?

My answer to all that? Living Free Jennifer’s Way. From brands I use, to homemade cleaning supplies, to recipes free from most allergens, to travel, to exercise, to LIFE. It is my mission to make an easy to navigate road map for your new journey towards better health, a better life, and LIVING FREE. Read more…

What Does LIVING FREE Mean?

Jennifer Esposito: Living FreeIt means living TRUE within yourself and in the world YOU create. LIVING FREE to what and who you REALLY are. LIVING FREE from the stress, which is one of this biggest destroyers of the immune system. LIVING FREE from the toxic relationships, toxic people and toxic situations. LIVING FREE to demand the very best life has to offer you and settling for nothing less than you deserve in your world. True love, true care, honesty, caring friends and goodness on all fronts. LIVING FREE of the fears you may not want to face to make changes.

It’s time. It’s YOUR time to live FEARLESS! It just takes one step at a time.

Important News

jennifers way bakery in nycMy New York City bakery on East 10th St. has closed and I am relocating (destination to be announced asap). Online orders will resume shortly. Thank you for your support over the years and your patience during the transition stage. I’ll be back!!!

Let's Live Free

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